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life is a miracle

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25 November 1983
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Estonia- the place where i grew up. I lived there till i was 6. Its a terrible, though widely spread opinion, that estonian people are slow-reacting or slow-thinking or smth like that. They ain't. So i didn't feel myself a superman in estonia. I was a common guy, just like i am now. The only unpleasant thought that torchures me is that most of the estonian population supported Nazists, Hitlers army. So there are no reasons to mock estonians. There are reasons to hate em) Just kidding) Don remember a single estonian. All dudes i knew there were russian. They all were bastards. All were older then me. One of em broke my favourite pistol (pistol made different sounds when i pushed the trigger- so everytime i pushed it, i was surprised by the sound it made, couse it was different from the 1 before). So the guy asked "DO U NEED IT?", i said "I DoNt" (but i did, and he knew it- i saw it in his eyes). And he just smashed it throwing it broken on the ground. I hated him then. i guess i hate him now. I would with plesure smash his car right now) Just kidding) Say HELLO to him if you know the bastard)

Social capital

  • less than 10